Who We Are

Born out of a desire to enhance how the government engages with small businesses and meet the needs of citizens at home and abroad, MMC Consulting (registered as MMC Investments, LLC) delivers mission critical solutions with exceptional results to our clients. By applying innovative techniques in the areas of acquisition lifecycle management, program and human capital management, and other advisory services, we foster organizational transformation and exceptional customer experiences.  


MMC’s executive team has more than 40 years of credible leadership experience across its varied business lines. They have a track record of managing large scale programs that support a myriad of agencies and programs around the world. At MMC, we work with our clients and partners to enhance their capabilities and develop effective solutions with excellence. MMC is a minority and economically disadvantaged SBA-certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) headquartered in the Washington, DC Metro area.


MMC is committed to meeting our clients’ mission critical challenges by providing innovative solutions that elevate their ability to execute organizational objectives effectively and efficiently. 

Empowering the Possible

The federal marketplace is complex – often by design. Providing goods and services to different agencies with divergent requirements can be confusing, especially for small businesses with little to no experience in this arena. A driving desire for us is making it easier for these businesses to succeed.  

Because at MMC Consulting, we believe not just in the art of the possible, but in empowering those around us to achieve it. We take an intentional approach grounded in improved engagement, processes, organizational structure, and better stakeholder experiences. We also retain and cultivate talented people, provide them with the environment, systems, and training, and then give them the freedom to create change.  

 With innovative thought and technology, our ideas are limitless; and with the right team, so are our solutions. 

Engagement + Empowerment + Execution = Excellence



Acquisition Lifecycle Management


Management Consulting


Human Capital Management

Passionate advocates for enhancing the federal marketplace with a focus on helping small businesses succeed.