MMC Advantage

MMC Advantage

MMC’s principled approach to client engagement delivers innovative, results-driven solutions. The foundation of our culture is a commitment to our 4 E’s of success: Excellence via Engagement, Empowerment & Execution.



Excellence creates its own rewards. MMC has a history of receiving assignment based on the recommendation of past clients.


MMC’s principals understand the importance of listening to our client’s needs. It is the foundation of the FedPropel(™) program.


Creating dynamic solutions is one of the ways that MMC provides a pathway for clients to control their destiny.


Our past performance spans across multiple agencies, including USAID, USDA, FEMA/FIMA, GSA. We have a proven track record of executing for our clients.

The Methodology

MMC proprietary/innovative business process improvement methodology uses qualitative and quantitative analysis to create an understanding of a client’s core challenges. This leads to a collaboration based solution model that addresses the root causes of the challenge and then resets the organizational culture towards sustainable change.

MMC believes that the way to accelerate the growth of organizational improvement is by creating a foundation for success based on technical competence, compelling communication, and extraordinary leadership at all levels. We work with our clients to establish this foundation via education, training, process improvement, and coaching.